Calvary Christian School, Wilmington, NC

Calvary Christian School - Wilmington, NC

CCS 2015-2016 Open House

February 17, 2015 @ 6 p.m.

Public welcome!

2015-2016 enrollment information will be available at the open house and will also be coming soon to the school website.

Please Note:
This website is currently in the process of being revised for the 2015-2016 school year.

Welcome to the website for Calvary Christian School. Located at 423 North 23rd Street, Calvary offers educational opportunities from Pre-K3 through 8th grade. Student-teacher ratios never exceeding 1:14 provide an exceptional environment for spiritual, academic and social development. We are grateful for the ministry opportunities of the past 18 years and are excited to see how God will use us to minister to you and your family!!

In 2013-12014 CCS sold 60 yearbooks and TreeRing (the company we use to create our yearbooks) partnered with Trees for the Future and planted 60 trees in our school's name. We are a GREEN YEARBOOK SCHOOL!

TreeRing Green Yearbook School


Our Parents Say...

“Calvary Christian School has been an amazing academic and spiritual experience for my two daughters. Calvary is a warm and loving environment where the children are challenged academically, socially and spiritually. The low student to teacher ratios provide excellent individualized attention. The teachers are amazing and take extra time with parents in order for the child to achieve it's greatest potential. As a private school, Calvary's tuition is affordable. Investing in your child's education and future academics is priceless. The school has a diverse style of christian based teachings through art, music and creative play. My children come home reciting scriptures and Bible stories. We are so very blessed to have our children at Calvary Christian School Two thumbs up and five stars!”

- Kristy Messick


“Calvary Christian School offers the ideal educational environment designed to address a broad range of student needs. The curriculum not only covers the basic education that students are expected to achieve according to grade level, but great attention is given to the social and creative needs of students.

Teachers are dedicated and work diligently with parents to provide support and guidance to enhance the student's overall educational experience. They assess each student's school work and provide undivided attention to each student's needs. Class sizes are small enough to enable this opportunity. Even though primary focus is placed on academics, extra-curricular activities are also woven into the learning experience in a manner that is both motivating and exciting for students.

On a personal basis, I can say that our grandchild loves attending school at Calvary. He enjoys getting up and going to school everyday. I believe that observation of the child tells all a parent needs to know about the child's learning experience. Our grandson has received attention for his educational needs at Calvary that we feel he would not get in public school nor some of the other Christian Schools where class size prohibits teachers from focusing on individual student needs."

- Reta M. Shiver, PhD (Grandmother) and Jack K. Shiver, Ret. Policeman (Grandfather)

"My daughter, Mary, attended Calvary Christian School for preschool and elementary school. The class size was small and the attention that all the students received was remarkable. Mary learned so much and did very well there. She was taught about God, which was very important to me.

Now my grandson, Lucas, goes there for preschool. My daughter, Liz, knew it was the right place for him. The teachers greet you and the children each day with warm smiles. Lucas enjoys going to school. "

-Missy Wood

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